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It is important not to get out of order with the end in mind.  This is all about our at risk children being really ready to read starting kindergarten as discussed here.  It just happens that the Federal Reserve Banks have the NewOldMoney to make it happen.  There is a story of lost potentials to be told. Who will listen? Who will pay to publish it? Well it is published on three websites, four Facebook pages and two blogs. AND;  A number of public service emails to consumers not in power but who are the power behind the economy, the private sector acting out, and we the people who have agreed to be governed.  More emails are due to be sent. Just bought 10,000,000 as a first buy.

How the story is designed around these sites just asking the consumer to read bits and parts of how Literacy is Freedom, the fix is already paid for: And how first things first is the age 0-6 child, the urban mom who needs a new deal from the private sector and a paid mentor from the community and culture who will jump start the child’s education plus the local economics with their private sector mentoring billings to the local school districts.

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Tom Wolfgram uses LinkedIn to tell the story about about the 2007-2014 Bailouts and risk reductions of the financial systems up and down the capacities of cash flow to keep things running and together for WE THE PEOPLE, who have cash invested.  The ultimate Private Sector guardian based on individual Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  Only half of about 65 posts are done as guided by the reporting and brief simple understanding of Ben Bernanke work to explain financial courage and other investigations.

The money, real cash just sits in gobs (on the ledger) at the Federal Reserve Banks waiting to be returned to the US TREASURY (100 billion dollars per year) while the Federal Reserve Board of Governors fret over ¼% Federal Funds Rate. This kind of money has arisen from the funding of the deficits because the conditions of the urban economies are so bad they cannot be stimulated.  Do you feel the “depression” like conditions in the cities?  Please, if you like a good story told, share this post.