10 times a Year Email March

Email Marching

We have a list of emails addresses that are used quarterly in one case, and 10 times annually in the other case.  You join the list for $100 or $150 respectfully.

The list keeps you on track helping us ask the Federal Reserve to consider the money to make certain the child behind the mother concerned with her children being Really Ready To Read before kindergarten has the capacity and resources to deliver the skills.  The skills are delivered in addition to present preschool as an extra – funded by the private sector for the one on one; one size fits one child and mother.  The delivery is in the private sector before kindergarten even starts and outcomes are considered urgent.

This requires a $10,000 gift (over 2 years) from the Federal Reserve Bank and its Board of Governors who are the private sector proxy to conduct micro monetary policy focused “on urban growth” in the economy by directly helping the early age at risk children and parents.  The economy is not growing in the cities, financial resources are very uneven and it is the responsibility of the FED.  The cities and school districts are not using the best practices to eliminate the Gap, before it starts, before kindergarten, to create wildly different positive expectations in growth economics, education, emotions and ethics.

Carefully the money is spent on one size first one delivery in the contracted private sector.  Being an individual reaching for assets and attributes in the process is celebrated.  The joy of demonstrating the reading code at age 5 is celebrated and rewarded.

The goal of the email march is to get the deliveries in place and keep the pressure on for the sake of the child.

It works as follows:

  • You pay $100 or $150 dollars for this service.
  • USA VALUESII2, LLC send you an email that you must forward to 5-10 Federal Reserve Bank, city and school district officials who are targeted decision makers.
  • The addresses of the officials are provided in the body copy.
  • The email calls for the gift.
  • The email you forward is also copied to USAVALUESII2, LLC for their accounting and advocacy work in the city and school district at the very local level.
  • You receive periodic reports of the progress.
  • The process has several news media outlets to give it the strength of justice and righteous.
  • The idea is we never let go of the start to real education gap equity reform outcomes. They will require the NewOldMoney as Micro Monetary Policy from the Federal Reserve Bank System because no one in the private sector has enough money to make the gift just and right.

Citizen rich or poor please land here —  What can you do about this?  Use  to send $25 via the PayPal account to join this important work.

This is the information  It will trigger the currency from the private sector for the equality of age 0-6 children. The Federal Reserve Banks are the proxy for the private sector.  They got THE currency and a new deal for “urban” mom.  

fsi_mm_paymentservicesPurchase a reminder to quarterly point out to the Federal Reserve Banks in an email march of sorts that the private sector proxy is the Federal Reserve Bank.  Its Board of Governors is the only organization large enough to give the gift of early reading skills to urban mom for her children.  They don’t want to hear this but they know it is true.  So what would the Federal Reserve Banks do with 1,000,000 emails telling them how important they are to equality. 

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Early Reading Skills Delivered
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