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We are the private sector promoting the present value of positive expectations from pre-k early reading activities to create a ringing advantage. We place a supportable and conservative $500,000 per child value on the concept of PVofPE-Prek.  The value makes everything different in our community because 100% of the children could be really ready to read, count and understand positive expectations.

The dedicated effort promoted by the private sector to do first things first, right the first time, one size fits one if required to include everyone will change the family, community, schools, economics, education, emotions and ethic.

The projection that “urban mom as an individual” today needs a new deal from the private sector is just plain common sense as she individually influences the creation of value within her youngest children’s assets and attributes in our society for the next 75-85 years. The golden rule is urban mom cannot do the job expected or required in the time necessary without the private sector’s paid for help.

What else could we use to bring our nation together?

Individual “urban mom” needs a new deal from the private sector.   Equality will be served with the private sector’s direct new help around the structures. You must consider the END IN MIND page and join us. The Federal Reserve’s 20 billion dollars per year with $300,000,000 in Minnesota would have every child really ready to read  before kindergarten.  Bail urban mom out in fairness because of all the other private sector bailouts given in 2007 to 2014. A new positive expectation to close the gap with the suburbs.  FED has the special money to do this and can claim it will grow everybody.

The above uses costs of $10,000 per child spent over 2 years to be really ready to read, count and understand positive expectations. This creates a positive expectation of new value over a 60 year horizon with returns delayed for 15 years due to education. The created new expectation is 50 times the cost. ($10,000 will get us $500,000)  When the private sector puts 20 billion in play per year to create 100% reading readiness we are creating new each year a 1 trillion dollar increased expectation for the future 60 years. Leaders need to put this in the pipe and smoke it because it goes along way to solving the capacity constraints of the present structures.  The details are here

Support from the numbers is secondary.  100 years of demonstrated world wide results per the Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori supports with more than adequate description and elaboration the flexiable but firm structure of activity based learning through the hands using self correcting materials that deliver assured results.

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