First Things First

There is fairness in making Literacy Is Freedom the Law of the Land

and requiring parents to deliver real reading readiness

even if they need personal mentors to achieve it for themselves and their children 




FTF  — First Things First 

A tremendous level of operational and financial power is created when a process of dependent events starts with doing first things first.  Each of these experts stand on their own.  Put together they form a real powerful change method.  See FTFRTFT

Philip Crosby makes the point that quality is free when first things first are done right the first time.

Stephen Covey makes the point that first things first, being proactive, and starting with the end in mind are the first three habits of being effective.

Eli Goldratt makes the point that the first thing to do is always elevate the process bottleneck for more throughput.  In the system of education gaps the bottleneck is the lack of early reading skills starting kindergarten.  Of course the disparity started earlier.  In fact, it is about children completely missing the sensitive period to learning language during the age of 3 to 6 so they are behind others, forever. The top of the quality scale has gotten more significant in the last 15 years with the marketing of education toys to the least at risk.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of First Things First is part of the understanding between school districts and the community.  It is a fluid documentation of what it will take to create an even start for the most at risk. Click here for a somewhat detailed coverage of related First Things First.

First Things First – Really, Are We Up Too It

This is designed to first things first eliminate and redefine the whole education gap as it is observed at the end of 3rd grade.  Started of course at age 0-6.

A whole system of dependent events for (birth to age 8-9)  —  parents, communities / cultures, preschools / child care and the school district will redefine itself via literacy by meeting 100% of the defined requirements in the community / school process.  Minnesota Statute 120B.11 and .115

Tom Wolfgram