Above the Law AND the 120b.11 Law

Above the Law Preschool

AND the Community 120b.11 Law


WE need to get to an above the law state of Early Childhood Education Delivery.  

The delivery cannot be comparable to what exists under the law.  

This way the way forward through good quality versus better and best can be defined by one size fits one delivery within the community and a delivery that includes really ready to read, count and understand positive expectations. 


The pre-k silo of the education sector is not right for the most at risk children.  It is constrained by regulation, leaning toward shorted universal coverage or accreditation without commitment to absolute best practice defined by demonstrated best outcomes.  

Only the best deliveries are going to be adequate to prevent the Gap.

The suburbs have more best practice effort going into the outcomes but still not good enough.  Comparisons show local disparities that are impossible to overcome.  Urban areas and structures without absolute high quality early education activities appear broken when in fact they are just started on footing that do not put the age 0-6 child with these activities first.  

To the education sector that heads up the structures that are not working to create the best practice literacy and freedom that our nation needs.  We suggest you substantially mentor, plant, facilitate and explain laws like Minnesota Statute 120B.11 that push and pull the best practice into the grassroots responsibility.  Local leadership should consistently commit to use this push to demand the local creation of above the law age 0-6 literacy, order, safety, security, stability and freedom that would remove the constraints from themselves.  This is a new grassroots influence.

Absolute best practice early education activity is required because it cannot be redone before kindergarten.  We must get the growth education, economics, emotions and ethics right after 50-60 years of trying.  Top performances creating the top of the gap in K-12 urban education are still moving up within districts, state and the nation.  Why risk coming up short with this development and new influence?  Click here for the minimal education activities.  The gap does not close unless 100% of the children start kindergarten with these skills.

New activities must create really ready to read and count skills; mother and child influence must create a positive expectation.