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A picture is often worth 1,000 words,

this uses less than 100 to power

a positive expectation


This local business is concerned with Promoting Early Reading Skills Delivered and a New Deal for Urban Mom  This is about the private sector doing what it must to jump start growth economics, education, emotions and ethics.

Individual “urban mom” needs a new deal from the private sector.   Equality will be served with the private sector’s direct new help around the structures. You must visit the END IN MIND page and join us. The Federal Reserve’s 20 billion dollars per year with $300,000,000 in Minnesota would have every child really ready to read  before kindergarten.  Bail urban mom out in fairness because of all the other private sector bailouts given in 2007 to 2014. A new positive expectation to close the gap with the suburbs.  FED has the special money to do this and can claim it will grow everybody.


Above The Law
Above The Law